Fifty-five guards of the General Directorate of Afghan Public Protection Force (APPF) and Enterprise Security received their graduation certificates at the sixty-first round training from the training center of this Directorate. First Lieutenant Mohammad Abid Malikzada, Commander of the training center of the General Directorate of (APPF) and Enterprise Security said and added: These forces have been trained military training perfectly and professionally, and with the help and massively endeavors day and night of this Directorate, the educational process will continue in this training center till salvation, in the field of professional training. Then, Colonel Mohammad Amin Ahmad Zai Head of International Projects Protection Department of the General Directorate of (APPF) and Enterprise Security meantime encouraging of the courage and dedication of the security forces said: Professional training is a pivotal element in the principles of police, security officers by learning military training properly and looking courageously, they can use tactics and prominent methods of combat against the enemy.