On the occasion of the grand celebration ceremony on March 8th, the Day of Solidarity of women of the world was held by Afghan Public Protection Force and Enterprise Security of Ministry of Interior Affairs at the conference hall of APPF.  Major General Abdul Razaq Amiri Acting Deputy of Afghan Public Protection Force and Enterprise Security, Brigadier General Abdul Razaq Saighani Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Gul Buddin Hamdard Director of Financial and Administrative, Brigadier General Jurabik Muradi Director of Governmental projects, Brigadier General Mohammad Mahfoz Walizada Trains security and convoy, Fatima Mohammadi the Women Council director, Hussnia Mukhklis Provinces Coordinating Director of the Ministry of Women Affairs, Some of departments Authorities and Large number of Officers and the APPF’s Women personnel Group was participated together.

First of all the ceremony was begun with reciting of a few verses of Holy Quran and playing the national anthem of the country. Subsequently, Major General Abdul Razaq Amiri Acting Deputy of APPF welcomed the guests and congratulated them The Women’s Solidarity day. On the issue of women`s participation in society and system, and role of women in the healthy development of people who presented in the society, General Amiri said: The place of the women in life and society is ultimately valuable and important, because they educate people and present themselves to community which they bless societies towards excellence, prosperity, endurance, and Stability by their presence. It can be counted as high values of human driven by. For instance we can mention the great men of history.

Mr. Amiri also said: The role of women in society and community is absolutely higher then role of men. Because women are active in their all dimensions and could be servants in their own circles. Women brings active and motivate people to the world, educating, training and presenting for community for serving and guardianship.

Acting Deputy of APPF in another part of his speeches said: We are honored that this year eighth of March, the Women`s Solidarity Day is celebrated with the wives of the heroes of the patriotic women who are working in the ranks of security forces and arenas. Damn it shows the ability of women.

To make this trend for strengthening of this process more work is needed to improve the role of women in all fields, whether they are in education or in management, or in the ranks of security, especially the national police, more than ever before. It is institutionalized that fortunately the leadership of Interior Affairs Ministry and Public Protection Deputy was stepping stone in this regard, they are doing things practically and on hand.

Mr. Amiri also said: The presence of Women in the ranks of security forces, especially national police who are promoters of the law is extremely important and necessary. Because as they form half of the society, they should be active and present in this field as well as more and more were affected by women in country and do not allow their rights to be violated. It is possible that the presence of the women in this holy event will be extremely full and active by so each of you our sisters, must be the model role for others so that our other sisters will be encouraged to join the ranks of the police. He also remarked that he was pleased to observe the discipline and discipline bestowed by women in this APPF. He reminded them: observing order in the system is a principle. Respect for the hierarchy and obedience of the order is also extremely important in this regard, more than before has been diligent to ensure the order advanced too.

In this summit, Mrs. Hussnia Mukhlis Provinces Coordinator of Ministry Women`s Affairs also talked. While reading congratulatory message of the Minister of Woman`s Affairs on the occasion of the World Women`s Day, she expressed her gratitude and appreciation from the active and strong presence of women in this organization. She added: APPF is celebrating from this day in glorious ceremonies every year and the presence of APPF’s leadership in such ceremonies is the sign of their respect to women. We are quite happy that in APPF women and men are jointly working more and better than anywhere else, aimed to serve their country.

In another part of this ceremony, Mrs. Fatima Mohammadi the head of Selected Women`s council of APPF also gave details about functions and activities of women in APPF. Mrs. Mohammadi also points out on goodwill of leadership of APPF to women; expressing gratitude and appreciations.

The ceremony continues with reading poems and articles related to the status of women by ladies, and ends with distribution of appreciation letters and gifts to participated women of this ceremony.