Brigadier general Mohammad Muhfooz Walizada head of security to protect trains of Afghan Public Protection Force and enterprise security of Ministry of Interior, in order to visit the security components and units, election supply convoy of Ghazni province traveled to that province.

Mr. Walizada visited parts and security checkpoints and review the livelihood situation of protection force in Ghazni province.

On this trip Mr. Walizada said to force on that province, you’re the really honest descendants of this country that with full courage and commitment in national and international transport and escort duties with considering problems and more efforts, you protect and safeguard.

And also Mr. Walizada listen the problems of force and escort trains of public protection  of that province and committed to solve challenge of soldiers and officers of the department of trains is the priorities of this deputy, as the security force in providing security of country to some employees of government are known eligible.

Mr. Walizada head of protection and security trains of Afghan Public protection force and enterprise security in other parts of his talks added; as people of Afghanistan, private companies as the contract and competent authorities are aware, Allhamdullelah this year  as a result of careful planning, lead and careful administration, by learning professional education protection force and create good coordination between security force and joint efforts between parts with other security organs along the highways, and reduce 95%losses and prevent from fire of cargo for private companies contract from enemy and measures adopted.

It is mentionable that officialdom of Afghan Public Protection force and enterprise security of ministry of interior for time to time in order to visited and reviews close the works of parts and units to better develop in the trend of improvement.


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