The official of blood bank of police 300 bed hospital of ministry of interior went to logar province for collecting blood from policemen of mese ayenak legion

That they receipted behalf of BG general Mohammad Mushin Hasan zada  commander of mese ayenak legion and colonel Aziz Ahmad Fazly the assistant of that commander and other policemen at the ceremony which was held for this occasion

First BG General Sayed Mohammad Mohsin Hasan zada H.E commander of mese ayenak legion wellcom the official of 300bed ministry of interior blood bank Hospital and told Mese Ayenak legion policemen are always ready to donate blood to countrymen and specially to their coterie

To reduce number of causalities and have healthy force.

Then head of 300bed blood bank of ,HE ,Doctor Saied Abdul Raqib Hashimi and told about collecting of blood and worth of blood which indeed save the life of your friends and fellow and also from  view point of Islam holly Religion donating blood is very beneficial for your health and you will receive and great requital from Allah(j).

He also regarded happily the voluntary subscription of mese ayenak legion and their support from this trend. it is also mentionable that hundreds of Afghan Public Protection Force ministry of interior with pride and passion for the purpose of donating blood to the mentioned health center were participated with enough blood donated and transferred to blood bank of hospital .