Colonel Shah ZamanNooriHead of Protection and Convoys Security Department of the General Directorate of Afghan Public Protection (APPF) and Enterprise Security on a formal trip to Zabul province visited and discussed with RahmatullahYarmalthe Governor of Zabul and Colonel Mustafa Mayar the Police Commander of that province, on how to create a protective detachment to ensure the convoys supporting merchandise of Resolute Support Mission.

Mr. Noori stated the goal of creating this protective detachment in Zabul province to provide better security for these convoys at a part of the Zabul-Kandahar and Ghazni-Zabul highway.

Meanwhile, the Governor and theZabul Police Commander took thisaction into a good omen, said: the creation of this detachment will be effective in securing the province, especially the number one highway route.

The Zabul local government officials promise to create and support this protective detachment.