Brigadier General Mohammad Ayas AkbariHead of Governmental Projects Protection Department while Colonel Sayed Maqsoud Padshah Commander of convoy’s detachment of Paktia and their accompanying delegation,met with Abdul Wali Sahi Deputy Governor of Paktia province on how to ensure the security of the Machalgho`s Dam.

Mr. Akbari described the security situation of this Dam, and also talked about the recruitment of its protective forces from Paktia and Machagho`s area.

However, Abdul Wali Sahi Deputy of the Paktia province while, expressed that the Dam of Machalgho is the important projects of the country and building of this Dam is one of ambition of the residents of this province; added: we will not hesitate to cooperatewith public protection forces inproviding security of the Dam of Machalgho and building it.