The training Seminar under the title of “Communicationsand Commerce” by participantssomeemployees of General Directorate of APPF and Enterprise Security was held at the Meeting Hall of this Directorate by the Team Four Risk Management Company; at the beginning of the Seminar Mr. QaisBawari General Director of APPF and Enterprise Security while optimizeabout the program, said: I support the implementation of such educational programs and I will not hesitate from any kind of effort at the ground of training of this Directorate staffs, I will be with you as a colleagueand as a member of the staff capacity building team.

After that Mohammad UmerSafai Responsible for Team Four Risk Management Company `s at about Training Seminar which was held about Communications and Commerce said: this Seminar is worthwhile with different passersbyas it is eminent to everyone, Communications and Commerce have an unbreakable bond that is paralyzed and spoiled without one and the same, this requires that such programsbe set up to enhance the professional training and administrative experience of the General Directorate of APPF and Enterprise Security staff.

Meanwhile, Lady Dagmar Lohneswho was in charge of training in the program, expressed for participants of this training seminar: Training in anyfield is correct affair and constructive and in particular at the ground of providing communication which the art of communication is applicable in every part of life.

At the end, this Seminar was welcomed by the participants and request of the staff was this from the Program Authorities which at these grounds we need more trainings and we hope that we will have more such programs.

It is mentionable that any business is not successful without participation of clients and every economical organcontinues to its activity with aiming of serving to the clients, it is important to establish communication with the client in the office.