Brigadier General Mohammad Sharif Mujahid director of International Projects of APPF and Enterprise Security traveled to Jawzjan Province at the head of an official body reviewed parts and public protection personnel especially how to ensure the security of Yatem Taaq well Projects in that province.

The head of International Projects addressed to the     public protection forces stationed in that province; said: You are sincere and true children of the country which with bravely and full commitment in the part of keeping protect and safeguard from public assets and national benefits of the country considering problems with tireless efforts.

Mr. Mujahid added: As the people of Afghanistan and competent authorities are aware, in the past, the number of casualties and lesions in all the shelters that secured public assets in vulnerabilities points was high, but in the course of the year, due to the precise planning, guidance and management, the acquisition of professional training for public protection forces and the establishment of good coordination between the security and joint efforts among the parts related to other security agencies, the casualties of these forces in all parts of the departments are being assisted Allah is great and faithful and their full honesty has diminished.

At the end, a representative of the Ministry of Mines and petroleum and responsible for the Chinese Company, expressed satisfaction and gratitude from Brigadier General Mohammad Sharif Mujahid Director of International Projects Protection of APPF for coordinating and directing the security personnel of the Yatem Taaq Carbonated Well of Jawzjan Province; they said that the Yatem Taaq Carbonated Wells were from the country`s assets, saying: Public protection forces should be more vigilant in guarding and securing these wells than in the past, and they will not hesitate to do any work in this regard too.

At the end, Mr. Mujahid interviewed the Troops of the presidential Directorate for the Protection of International Projects on Public Protection in that Province. He commented that solving the challenges of the troops and security personnel of this departments is one of our priorities.