Redesigning of the website of Afghan Public Protection force and enterprise security was unveiled by Major general Abdul Razaq Amiri acting deputy of APPF and enterprise security with the presence of directors and some of the officials from different parts of this APPF.

In a ceremony which was held on this occasion, Mohammad Tawab Amiri Director of media and publication of APPF and Enterprise Security spoke in great detail saying that the website, which is available at has been trying to inform more suitable activities, achievements, online magazine, how to work out, providing standard security services, working procedures and contact with customers, and as well as the views of experts and citizens provided about this APPF;.

Director of media and publications added that some of the key features that were considered in the design and production of this edition were: Visitors access to publication of this website in Dari, Pashto and English, easier to see and also faster access to specific and variety of website categories and being able to open on a variety of display pages’ desktop, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Meanwhile, Major General Abdul Razaq Amiri Acting Deputy of APPF and Enterprise Security while praising the work and activities of the departments of media and Information Technology(IT) spoke in connection with the issue: in the present era which is the era of technology and computers as well as the age of information and    media there are also social issues, news, information and messages are rapidly becoming commonplace, among which the impact of website is also remarkable and tangible, because every office should be in the chunk laws and regulations provide citizens with right to access information, activities, functions and their achievements joint with citizens, which is one of the ways to share information with citizens of the same website.

Mr. Amiri added: Apart from other important media, the website the magazine, or the weekly… and social pages that are officially created from the address of an office in order to provide timely and prompt information.’’ It is worth the first-time source of information to citizens, which fortunately, the APPF and Enterprise Security has been proven by the efforts of the press and media department and the leadership of APPF and Enterprise Security support of all these matters. And it is also a step ahead on information, for example, from the APPF magazine which is one of the most popular magazine in the community as well as the APPF social pages on internet and named the redesign of the website.

It`s worth noting that the technical work of the APPF website has been made by IT department, which made it possible with tireless task of redesigning this website, and occasionally monitored from the work of the website as the central administrator.