At the meeting, the Deputies of the ministry of Energy and Water according to the order of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan emphasized on how to ensure the effective security of the Water Dam of Machalgho in Paktia province, the Water Dams of Salma and Pashdan in Herat province, the Dam of Kajaki in Helmand province, the Dam of Dahana e Dara in Faryab province and the Water Dam of Kamal Khan in Nimroz province.

Nevertheless, General Director of APPF and Enterprise Security expressed that the securing the Water Dams are the important responsibilities and work priorities of this Directorate andto ensurethe security of these major national projects theypromised to cooperate and make comprehensive efforts.

Quantity of protective force situation, the creating and building of shells and the drilling of drinking water wells on the basis of the contract were the requirements of those protective part which was also discussed on ending of it.