Deputy Ministry Afghan public protection forces is the only source within Afghanistan that provides security services. APPF was established within the framework of MOI and has a bulk amount of military and civilian personnel.

APPF has developed a Customer Service Department to resolve and sort out the issues and concerns of our Customer. The Customers Service  Department holds the responsibility of assisting in security contracts sections, escorts, sorting out the concerns and complaints of the customers, and processing the requests of customers within different departments of APPF.

Therefore, we hereby request all the National and International NGSO and projects who hold a contract with APPF, to contact us and keep us aware of all concerns and issues so that we can sort out your problems with the relevant organs and avoid any inconveniences.

You can reach us via the Customers service email and contact numbers provided herein below.

Deputy Ministry of Afghan public protection forces

Administrative and Finance Directorate

Customers Service Department


Name: Mahboobullah azhar

Afghan  Public  Protection  Force

Job: Customer Service Manager of MOI/APPF


Phone: +93707328856

Phone: +93790999658